AWS Certification Course

Dive deeper into cloud technology with AWS certification and get your skills validated by a reputed organization- Amazon. NG Networks trains its student with a practical approach so that they can implement their understanding while using AWS for developing an application. The curriculum is developed according to the updated requisites. Also, you will able to earn international recognization with AWS certification batches. Instructor-led sessions ensure that each student has enough practice of the current concept before moving to the topic.
Pre-requisites: Any Graduate or anyone who has a basic idea of IT infrastructure.

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To help the student to understand cloud technology and how Amazon Web Services are used to improve productivity and performance. Also, this course will help to qualify the examination and develop a more marketable personality under the guidance of leading tech experts. So enroll now for AWS Certification Course in Delhi from NG Networks. Our faculty will also share their tips and tricks that are not written in any book but gained through experience. The curriculum may cover the following:

  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Cloud deployment & service models like SAS
  • Complete AWS architecture
  • AWS services and different approaches to access them
  • Security concepts in AWS
  • Cloud database services
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with its networking & monitoring services
  • And many more….

Why should you enroll in this course?

Demand in the industry: Cloud is the next normal, and almost all the operations will be done with the help of cloud technology. So being ahead from others with the needed skills can help you to give an upward curve to your career graph.

Add charms to your professional profile: After certification, you will be well known as a certified professional in AWS and will get a badge for the same. You can add this badge in your professional profile as an achievement. Also qualifying the certification examination itself can help you to earn some respect at the workplace.

Learn from industry experts: At NG Networks, we are not focused on the examination, whereas we put efforts for the overall skill building in the core concepts of AWS and cloud technology. We will help you with the preparation of interviews and practical implementation of each concept in practical sessions. Our faculty consists of working professionals who have ample experience in their domain.

Result-oriented institute for AWS Certification Course in Delhi

NG Networks believes that the skills are the only factor that can help you to climb high in career. So we prepare training notes, PPT and other study material in the most comprehensive manner and also provide support services. Therefore, the students can ask their doubts from their instructors anytime. Feel the difference of learning with the complete practical approach with NG. Contact us for free demo sessions.

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