NG Network offers BGP and MPLS course for IT & Networking aspirants, which focuses on the basic knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of Border Gateway Protocol and Multiprotocol Label Switching.


  • Configuration, management, troubleshoot of BGP advanced features
  • Implement enhanced features of BGP
  • Configure and Implement MPLS VPN internetworks
  • Troubleshoot MPLS Virtual Private Networks operational issues

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  • Introduction of BGP, its basic features and characteristics
  • Different types of scenarios (Single homed, Dual homed, Single multi-homed and Dual multi-homed)
  • Need of BGP
  • Define, Implement and Verify Active, passive
  • BGP States, messages and timers
  • Define Peer-group templates and its configuration
  • Configuration and verification of EBGP, IBGP
  • EBGP and IBGP Loop avoidance
  • BGP path Attributes and routing policies configuration, manipulation and verification
  • BGP Conditional advertisement, its configuration and verification
  • Configuration and verification of Outbound and Inbound route filtering
  • BGP – standard communities and extended communities configuration and verification
  • Multi-homing concepts, configuration and verification
  • Describe Route-reflector, cluster, Confederations and configuration of these features
  • Concepts of Aggregation in BGP and its configuration , AS set
  • Implementation of multi-protocol BGP and its troubleshooting
  • Address-family(IPv4, IPv6, VPN etc) concepts, configuration and verification
  • AS path manipulations(Inbound and Outbound)
  • Describe Local AS, allow AS in, remove private AS and configuration
  • Define, Implement and Verify Multipath
  • Introduction of BGP synchronization, configuration and its verification
  • Concept of Soft reconfiguration, its configuration and route refresh


  • Introduction of MPLS
  • Why it is required?
  • MPLS label format, FEC, LFIB
  • MPLS operation(Push, Swap, POP) and PHP
  • Introduction of LDP and its functionality
  • Basic MPLS Configuration and its verification
  • Configure and implement MPLS Tunnels
  • Introduction and configuration of VRF
  • Overview of BGP VPNv4 address family / Route Distinguishers vs. Route Targets
  • Configuration and verification of Basic MPLS L3VPN
  • MPLS L3VPN Verification & Troubleshooting
  • Configuration and verification of VPNv4 Route Reflectors
  • Implementation of BGP PE-CE Routing
  • Define BGP AS Override and Allow-as-in feature and its implementation
  • RIP PE-CE Routing configuration and verification
  • EIGRP PE-CE Routing configuration and verification
  • OSPF PE-CE Routing configuration and verification
  • Concepts of OSPF Domain IDs, Domain Tags
  • OSPF Sham link concept and configuration
  • Configuration and verification of OSPF Multi VRF CE Routing
  • Describe the MPLS Central Services L3VPNs
  • IPv6 over MPLS with 6PE & 6VPE Concepts
  • Overview of Inter AS MPLS L3VPN and configuration
  • Configuration and verification of Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option A – Back-to-Back VRF Exchange
  • Configuration and verification of Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option B – ASBRs Peering VPNv4
  • Describe the Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option C – ASBRs Peering BGP+Label
  • Overview of MPLS Layer 2 VPN (L2VPN)
  • Verify Ethernet over MPLS L2VPN AToM
  • Configuration and implementations of PPP & Frame Relay over MPLS L2VPN AToM
  • Implementation and Verification of MPLS L2VPN AToM Interworking
  • Introduction of Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS)

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