“The future belongs to those who work for it”, and time plays an important role for this statement.

Time is a valuable resource and investing it wisely is the most crucial thing as it will decide the future of your career. While many of us are working and not having enough time to spend or taking a full-time course to upgrade our skills and knowledge.

If you’re a tech nerd and looking for something that can bring a positive change in your non-IT career or wants to learn a new skill set to climb high in your IT career.

You are at the right place! Let’s discuss how NG Python Bootcamp can boost your IT career

Live session led by experts from scratch on weekends

Whether you have prior technical skills or not, this Bootcamp will help you to master Python and its concepts from scratch. The certified Python Programming course is created in such a way that can be easily grasped by practicing on real world problems like finding an element or checking if the entered String is in uppercase or lowercase, and many more. This way, you learn faster as you can relate these problems with real life incidents. You will learn live from professional experts who have enough experience in this domain.

Learn the most trending and demanding programming language

If you search about top programming language that one must learn, then most probably you will get the same answer by different experts, and that is Python. As technology is driving towards perfection, Artificial intelligence is the new concept that is integrated to make smarter IT solutions. So learning the technology can give hype to your career graph.

Easiest programming language to start your IT career

If you are good at coding and want to start your career in IT, then this Python Boot can be helpful. Python is the easiest and popular coding language with the largest library. Python codings are used in many sectors like Machine programming, Web development, App development Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and many more.

The live interactive classes are divided into 4 sessions of 8 hours on a weekend batch for 2 weeks. The short duration course is perfect for the working class professionals.

Comprehensive short course to learn & grow while working with affordability

This NG Python Bootcamp is 2-week comprehensive course will help you to boost up your career like never before. And the best part is it’s just  999/- only!!

Our programming course is specially designed by considering the changing needs of the world and the value of your time.

Get the certification with interview guarantee

If you want to step in IT industry, then this bootcamp can be the easiest pathway as you will get 1 guaranteed interview after the completion of the bootcamp. If you pay attention to our sessions, then definitely you can crack the interview without any doubt.

Overall you will get the following with this Python Bootcamp course:

  • A Certification of Python Programmer
  • Live Learning Sessions
  • Get a Guaranteed job Interview
  • Full Certification Course in just 999/- only

Great opportunity for Working professionals, or students regardless of their educational background. Upgrade your skills from the comfort of your home

Grab the once in a lifetime opportunity with NG’s 2-week python programming course at an amazingly affordable price.

And boost your career like never before!