A career in IT is a dream for many people. However, many scams and frauds are associated with IT institutes. They use fancy words to lure students into enrolling with them.
In this blog we are going to look at some of the common scams that are happening in the industry today, red flags to watch out for, and what you can do to keep your hard-earned money safe.

1. Job Placement Guarantees

With job placements being a hot topic in the IT/ITES industries, a number of institutions are looking to make a quick buck by promising to get you a job. Many of them will give you an attractive promise of a job but fail to deliver.
There will be no guarantee neither a paperwork formality.

2. Free laptops

With the increased demand for IT courses, various institutes are mushrooming. These institutes offer various benefits like free laptops, extra certification, and other benefits.
At first, students may take it as a huge advantage and ease but eventually, it can turn out to be a fake promise.

3. Easy loans

Not all IT training institutes are scammers. Those who aren’t can be found easily. However, there are a few training institutes that use unfair methods to lure in students and collect fees from them. Financial assistance is one of the trigger points that encourage students and parents to enroll in the program.

4. Courses Without Diploma Certification

Tech training programs are a popular choice among IT professionals looking to revamp their skills and get a promotion or a role change. But a lot of times, a student ends up without a certificate, diploma, or even a course completion certificate from the institute he/she has been attending for a while. This makes it very difficult for the student to get a good job.

5.No Official Website Or Social Media Presence Proof

With the advent of Information Technology, a lot of new courses have been made available, which is a boon for a lot of people who want to learn something that will help them in the real world. However, the number of institutes that have been established, has been a contributing factor in false invalid commits in the IT industry.

These institutions are not available on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram or do not even own an official website.
Watch out before enrolling in.


How to prevent it

Do Your Research

Networking institutes come with great potential for students who are looking to make their careers in the field of networking. Students have a good number of choices in their hands when it comes to choosing the right institute for their studies.

Check The Accreditation Of The Institute

IT training is a highly competitive industry today. Students are looking for sources of quality training to enhance their careers. But how do you choose the right institute? You can always rely on word of mouth or recommendations from friends and family, but there are also other ways to check the credibility of the institute you are thinking of joining.

Visit The Institute Before Joining & Meet Ex-students

IT Training Institutes make a massive claim about its job-placement statistics. But how many of them provide proof, visit the institute & ask for the ex-students contact numbers. Connect with them and ask for more details about the course and training of the institute.

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