I completed my graduation in IT in 2019. After that, I started looking for career options as an engineer. To my surprise, I found a gap between the skills I have and the skills companies need. I felt depressed and didn’t know what to do next. Then, after my elder cousin’s recommendation, I thought to develop skills by enrolling in an institute. Before opting for the institute, I needed to opt for the stream like database, networking, programming, etc. It took around 2-3 weeks to figure o the scope of all domains and my interest in them.

Finding the interest

After the analysis, I concluded to opt for either networking or cloud technology. Then I started to search for certification programs and the curriculum that they will cover. During this period, the news of the COVID outbreak in India spread like fire, and the government decided to lock down the entire country for 90 days. Cost-cutting by the organizations became normal, and many people suffered from a financial crisis due to job loss.

Now the chances to get a job curbed down, and I became anxious as there was no timeline when we could expect improvement in the economy. But as I was in my learning phase, I thought to work harder on my skills so that cracking any tough interview becomes a cakewalk for me.

How NG Network helped me in learning via a practical approach during a pandemic?

I searched for various institutes for training in networking and got to know about NG Networks. Due to the pandemic, every institute offered classes via online mode, but I wasn’t able to understand much because of the unavailability of resources for practice. I didn’t have routers or switches to practice, and this made my hunt for the institute more difficult.

When I scheduled a demo class from NG Networks, my expectation wasn’t huge, and I knew that online learning is not my cup of tea, so I may not be interested in this academy. But to my surprised, everything was different.

Lab installation at home with classroom experience at home

The class was online, but one on one mentoring was available with practical lab access. Then I got to know about the NG Networks Network Data Specialist (NDS) program. This program covered fundamental to advance networking topics, and they offered a practical lab installation at home.

This seemed to be a unique option and was actually something that I was looking for because, for every engineer, practice is more important than theories written in the documentation.

So I enrolled in the course and a professional installed the lab set-up. Then, according to the batch timing, my instructor taught topics via LIVE session and allowed us to practice in the class itself so that we can clear our doubts and help us practice it on the networking devices. The duration of the program was one year, and after completing the concepts of networking, some sessions were held for soft skills training to improve communication skills.

Interview preparation and 100% job guarantee

This program was a 100% job guarantee program. After that, Nitin sir arranged real-time training sessions, which helped us to learn how network engineers work in a corporate environment. He even helped us with interview preparation. After the preparation, interviews were scheduled. My first interview wasn’t that good, but Nitin sir encouraged me to work harder and highlighted my weak areas. In the second interview, I was able to grab the job as a network engineer. Till now, people are suggested to stay at home (if possible), but luckily I got a job and that too in my dream organization. All thanks to NG Networks. I hope my story would inspire others to work hard, and the NDS program is something that you should go for if you also want to become a network engineer.