NG Networks was born with no lavish infrastructure. Our Hon’ble founder and CEO Mr. Nitin Goswami initially headquartered his home. His vision to revolutionize the lives of candidates who are unable to make it big despite education acted as his guiding light through the thicks and thins.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, his journey to the establishment of this institution wasn’t a smooth journey with a share of roses and thorns but he never gave up. NG Networks also has a twin concern named NGIT that was established with a sole aim of aiding aspirants who wish to make a career in the field of networking

– NG Networks was driven to its goal after realizing that a candidate needs proper knowledge of technical and practical work issues that are not available in the market in a true manner.

– So, NG Networks came into the existence with a mission to fulfills this requirement with its unique concepts. NG Networks tries to make students a highly-skilled networking engineer who becomes an inspiration to others for making a bright career.

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NG Networks is started by a 22-year-old young entrepreneur in a small office in a rented room with no name. He is himself is rejected multiple time in different interviews and thus, he researches the reasons to why a candidate is rejected from Interviews despite complete education on papers. His studies find out that just paper certificate knowledge is not what the Top MNCs and other prestigious institute seek. They want candidates with comprehensive knowledge. With an aim to provide right solution to the jobseekers, he begins his journey. The founder doesn’t have the sufficient fund to manage a proper infrastructure or human resource to start a business but his vision is strong and clear.


The start-up doesn’t perform well but founder doesn’t give up and gives it a pause for next bigger move as he starts working in Real-time environment.


We get our name- NG consultant that is later divided into 2 parts NG Networks & NGIT Global Solutions and Mr Goswami becomes a renowned consultant in India by placing a a number of candidates in Network IT domain. The same year he leaves his job as a Senior Network Engineer and starts the operations from a small room in his house.


NG strengthens its roots and is a proud owner of an an office property now that is located right in the heart of the capital city. Mr. Goswami gets awarded as Best CEO of the year. This year NG launches a full-fledged job guarantee program with their own customised curriculum that is based upon the Industry Demands.


he training of NG Networks with its own unique program becomes popular among the aspirants and soon different engineering colleges in India start inviting MR. Goswami for his presentation session on Information Technology.


NG Networks launches a customized training program where one can obtain specific training content as per his/her requirement that can enable them to save their time and money. Today NG Networks has a team to work independently to serve the jobseekers in all formats.