Whatever be your education and industry experience. For having your dream job it’s not necessary going through the motions to pass a test and obtain a certificate. And we prove it through our ace training. Become a network data beginner with the Best Institute for Cisco Course. Our Customized Networking Training Delhi is designed for the new comer to the IT industry especially for the fresher who is new to the industry and wants to get a head start to understand the nuances of networking. This program consist basic knowledge along with all the important technical accessibility which helps like a stepping stone for their career without having the pangs of certification.

Network Data Beginner is designed for the L1 & L1+ perspective and helps the student to face the actual requirement as per job description. We use the newest technology on the market to provide our student more accuracy in real time.Our training courses are aimed to 100% Job Guarantee and higher than certification program.

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Network Data Beginner is idiosyncratically designed for the L1 & L1+ perspective and give assistance to the student to face the actual need as per the job description.

The major aim of this course to come up with relevant exposure to the candidate with the market requirement by adding the detailed knowledge of ITIL concepts with real-time classes especially emphasis on the Ticketing and Monitoring and basic troubleshooting type important factor for the beginner in IT Networking. The minimum time to complete this course shall be 3 months and its only depends upon how quickly you are able to learn the concepts of Network Data Beginner.

Course Summary

Course Curriculum

  • Basic of Networks
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Network Devices and Fundamentals
  • IPv4 Addressing Concept
  • Headers and Packet flow
  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Switching
  • ACL
  • QOS
  • NAT
  • WAN
  • VPN
  • Cisco Devices Mangement
  • IPv6
  • Network Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • What is Network
    – Foundation of Network
    – Concept of SOHO/Enterprise
    – Topologies
  • OSI Layes
    – TCP/IP Layers
  • Device
    – Hub
    – Bridge
    – Switch
    – Router
    – Firewall
  • IPv4 Addresses
    – Subnetting
    – VLSM
    – Route summarisation
    – IP
    – Ethernet Frame
    – ARP
    – Data Walk Through
  • Routing Introduction
    Static Route
  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • LAN Switching Concepts
    – Virtual LANs
    – VLAN and trunks
    – Spanning Tree
    – Ethercahnnel Overview
    – VLAN Trunking Protocol
  • Access Control List
    – Access Control List Extended
  • QOS introduction
  • Static NAT
    – Dynamic NAT
    – PAT
  • Point to Point WAN
    – Private WAN with Ethernet and MPLS
  • Private WAN VPN
  • IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
    – IPv6 Operations
    – IPv6 on Hosts
    – IPv6 on Routers
    – EIGRP for IPv6
    – OSPF for IPv6
    – IPv6 ACLs
  • SNMP
    – IP SLA
    – SPAN
  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Dynamic Routing Protocol Overview
  • Introduction of RIP
  • RIP Timers
  • What is Split horizon
  • EIGRP overview
  • Advanced Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • EIGRP Neighbour
  • EIGRP Convergence
  • Successor and Feasible Successor
  • Load Balancing
  • OSPF overview
  • OSPF Neighbours
  • Link States Database
  • OSPF Area Concept
  • Implementation Multiarea OSPF
  • Understanding of ITIL
  • Project working IN Industry
  • Understanding of DC diagram
  • Understanding of Roles and responsibilities
  • Briefing for Monitoring Tool
  • Briefing for Ticketing Tool
  • Process Hierarchy
  • Access approval
  • Call handling
  • Client Handling
  • Formal Mail generation


Regularmon-fri2 hours1 Month
WeekendSat-sun4 hours1.5 months
One DaySun or Wed6 hours2.5 Months

Fee Structure

Rs.1.25 Lac/- +Tax


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Rules and Regulation:

  • Aspirants must secure 7/10 in the tests which will be conducted on every module.
  • A candidate must not violate the Leave policy without the administration’s permission.
  • An aspirant is expected to be sincere towards the decorum of the class.
  • Misbehaviour with Trainer, Students, and Management is strictly forbidden.
  • They must be obedient towards the hierarchy.
  • A Delay in their fee may impact their Job Guarantee.
  • Failed in Test may lead to repeat the classes and delay in program time duration as per the commitment.
  • A Candidate must be a graduate
  • Candidate with forged documents is strictly prohibited.