Routing In-Depth is one the most unique course of NG as while number of G.E.T’s or Network beginner start working on real-time issues or start troubleshooting in running network the most basic part they are lacking is the the knowledge of Routing during the job.

Because every certification provide limited knowledge as per the certification course module but In terms of job the entire concepts change, your job never ask about your certification before initiating any troubleshooting in your network. If you opt this program than it will help you to understand your in-house network connection with your ISP or other sites.

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This program completely compromises most of the job description released for the L1+, L2 & L2+ hiring. After completion of this program candidate having knowledge of routing in their project. It Helps in understanding the specific roles of a network engineer

Pre-requisites: Candidate must be graduate

Enrolment Procedure: 2016 onwards pass-out

Course Curriculum

  • Cisco ISO
  • Routing
  • NAT
  • Introduction of CISCO IOS
  • Routing Introduction
  • Static Route
  • Dynamic Routing
  • RIP
  • Static NAT
  • Dynamic NAT
  • PAT
  • OSPF
  • Redistribution
  • Overview of Concepts, AD, Metric
    Static Route
    Default route
    Network route
    Host Route
    Floating Static
  • Concept of AS, IGP , EGP, DVRP, LSRP, ADVRP,
    Classless and class full routing protocol
  • Introduction of RIP
    RIP Timers
    Loop prevention mechanism
  • Basic
    Behaviour of network command
    EIGRP tables
    Dual Concept ( successor FC FD RD)
    Basic config and verification
    Packet Types
    Passive interface
    Metric manipulation ( Path manipulation )
    Load balancing ( Equal un Equal )
    Query and Reply (SIA State ; SIA Query and Reply)
    Injection of Default Route in EIGRP
    Eigrp over FR
  • Basic
    Neighbourship and Adjacencies
    Network Type
    OSPF States
    LSA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
    Area Types
    Default route injection
    Authentication ( Interface based and area based )
    Filtering ( Type 3, 5)
    Virtual Link
    Ospf over frame relay
  • Redistribution in EIGRP
    Redistribution in ospf
    Redistribution in RIP
    Issues in redistribution and their solutions
    filtering during redistribution


Regularmon-fri2 hours1 Month
WeekendSat-sun4 hours1 months
One DaySun or Wed6 hours1.5 Months

Fee Structure

One Time: 15,000 +Tax


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